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423PK presents: The Iscariots vs. Hatestomp

JJ's Bohemia, 231 E MLK Blvd, Chattanooga, TN

Come help us defeat these idiot rednecks!

Did the mid term elections go as planned for you? Did you get the results you wanted? Well, this show is your chance to voice your support and show the other side "what's what". If you consider yourself a liberal beacon of hope be sure to come support "The The Iscariots as they battle for the belt at JJ's Bohemia. If you consider yourself a good ole boy who loves rebel metal and all things rowdy, come out and support the boys in Hatestomp while they take on these "reggae lovin pussies" as front man Randy Hate calls them. Either way, come join the fun and battle for the belt November 29th at JJ's!!

The Battle will be mediated by local comic and musical guru Ian Sharp . Ian will be accompanied by a team of local comedians acting as a panel of judges.

Your judges for the evening are

Ryan Darling D.j. Lewis Daryl Davidson

Age limit: 21+



JJ's Bohemia, 231 E MLK Blvd, Chattanooga, TN

Come and celebrate the release of The Iscariot's first full length record, "Act of Treason" at JJ's Bohemia after we play Nightfall. A double dose of reggae!! Come get sweaty, come get weird, and take us home with you at the end of the night! We'll be running a special price for the record at this show, so come out and get your copy of "Act of Treason" while the getting's good!

Age limit: 21+

The Iscariots on the Road to Nightfall

Rhythm and Brews, 221 Market St, Chattanooga, TN

Round Four of the Road to Nightfall is happening at Rhythm & Brews! Each band will be given a 15 minute set. Each set can only include ONE cover song. The rest has to be all original. Attendees will vote on which band they feel deserves to move on to the final round, which takes place March 21st at Rhythm & Brews.

8:30 - New Planet: Road to Nightfall!!! 9:00 - Natural Habitz 9:30 - The Iscariots 10:00 - Smooth Dialects 10:30 - Kindred Pilots 11:00 - STEREO DIG 11:30 - Pack of Wolves

Age limit: 18+

JJ's Bohemia 3/27/15 Setlist
1. Armageddeon
2. Back on the Road
3. Pancho and Lefty
4. Cecelia
5. Nothing Lasts Forever
6. Please Don't Harsh My Mellow
7. Burn It Down
8. Sucking So Bad
9. Redemption Song
10. Murder Dub / I Shot the Sheriff 
11. Don't Forget About Mister Brown

JJ's Bohemia 10/29/14 STS9 Afterparty Setlist

1. Armageddeon
2. Shanty Town
3. Cecelia
4. Don't Forget About Mister Brown
5. Act of Treason
6. Fantasy World
7. I Shot the Sheriff
8. Pancho and Lefty
9. Back on the Road
10. Israelites
11. Backwards Country
12. Sucking So Bad
13. Reggae State of Mind
14. Please Don't Harsh My Mellow
15. One Way Out (w/Jon Wimpee)
16. Slave Driver
17. Message To You Rudie
18. Rocket Man
19. Pressure Drop
20. Blue Lights (w/ Sparkz)
21. Dread Lion (z/ Sparkz)
22. Chase The Devil
23. Supercool
24. Outlaw
25. Sledgehammer