The Iscariots on the Road to Nightfall

Rhythm and Brews, 221 Market St, Chattanooga, TN

Round Four of the Road to Nightfall is happening at Rhythm & Brews! Each band will be given a 15 minute set. Each set can only include ONE cover song. The rest has to be all original. Attendees will vote on which band they feel deserves to move on to the final round, which takes place March 21st at Rhythm & Brews.

8:30 - New Planet: Road to Nightfall!!! 9:00 - Natural Habitz 9:30 - The Iscariots 10:00 - Smooth Dialects 10:30 - Kindred Pilots 11:00 - STEREO DIG 11:30 - Pack of Wolves

Age limit: 18+