SETLIST - JJ's Bohemia 4/20/16, Chattanooga, TN

3 hours, 34 songs. They carried us out on stretchers. Just kidding, we're total bosses, we carried them out on stretchers. You know we recorded it. Keep an eye on that bootleg section. 

The Iscariots - JJ’s Bohemia, Chattanooga, TN 4/20/16 

Armageddon Times -> White Horse 
A Message To You, Rudie 
Stir It Up 
I Shot the Sheriff 
Act of Treason 
Slave Race 
Don’t Forget About Mister Brown 
Burn It Down 
Outlaw -> Legalize It -> Soul Shakedown Party 
Sucking So Bad 
Murder Dub 
Back On The Road 
Blame The Poor 
What I Got -> Reggae Down Babylon -> Quinn The Eskimo -> Iko Iko 
Reggae State of Mind 
Please Don’t Harsh My Mellow 
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 
Fantasy World 
Backwards Country 

Bend Down Low -> One Draw 
Chase The Devil 
Sleep Now In The Fire -> Whole Lotta Love 
Dancing In The Dark