We're super excited to announce our next album, due out on April 20th, 2015!
It's called "Four Bronies of the Friend-pocalypse" and features 9 songs all based on the works of the greatest television show since Go-Bots, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!! We're all super huge fans of MLP:FIM and want to share our love and friendship with the whole world! 

We're so proud of this accomplishment, and hope you'll enjoy this record as much as our first one!

Track listing:
"Four Bronies of the Friend-pocalypse"

1. Sharing is Caring
2. Equestrian Reggae Party
3. Pony Prance
4. Elements of Harmony
5. OK 2 B Gay
6. Mane Squeeze
7. Princess Midnight Glitter Fun Time Rag
8. Clop Clop Clop (We Can't Stop)
9. Ruthlessly Murder Babylon with Kindness