From the recording Backwards Country

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"Backwards Country"

The preacher's preaching hatred and the congregation agrees
He's calling down the lightning, he's got a vengeful god to please
There's shadows on the steeple and a darkness in the pew
Where God's love is a selfish thing given only to the worthy few

In this backwoods backwards country

The moneylenders in their temple worship the dollar bill
They gobble up all that they can find, they never get their fill
When they've made more than they can spend they invest it to get more
And all the wealth and power they buy themselves never trickles to the poor

In this backwoods backwards country

There's a sickness called ignorance that has a simple remedy
But you're not gonna find it in line at the pharmacy
There's profits in cancer, good money to be made
All the doctors just got to keep you sick, they've got student loans to pay

In this backwoods backwards country