Friends Fest

What's up good people,

We got our whole set at Friends Fest recorded and are currently working on mixing it down. We'll be sharing it here when it's finished, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, here's a…

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SETLIST - JJ's Bohemia 4/20/16, Chattanooga, TN

3 hours, 34 songs. They carried us out on stretchers. Just kidding, we're total bosses, we carried them out on stretchers. You know we recorded it. Keep an eye on that bootleg section. 

The Iscariots - JJ’s Bohemia, Chattanooga, TN

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Happy Holidays, ladies and gentlemen! Here to help you celebrate is "Blame The Poor", the first single off our new record. More to come!


We're officially announcing the forthcoming release of our second album, "Backwards Country". Just in time for the election cycle, the album features 11 subversive reggae anthems, dripping with a distinctive dub flavor. Stay tuned as we will be revealing more…

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SETLIST - Pokey's, Cleveland TN, 8-15-15

Notable for the first ever live performance of "Officer" as well as being one of the most insane-trip-to-outer-space shows we've ever done. Thanks, Cleveland!

White Horse ->

Armageddeon Times->

Soul Shakedown Party

Back on the Road ->

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Work continues on the new record!

We got a ton of work done the weekend of Riverbend, including drums and bass tracking. The plan as of now is to release two separate EPs, one that is full of new and amazing songs, and one that is…Read more


We're super excited to announce our next album, due out on April 20th, 2015!
It's called "Four Bronies of the Friend-pocalypse" and features 9 songs all based on the works of the greatest television show since Go-Bots, My Little Pony…Read more

Merry Dubmas!!

Greetings good people! 

We're in the holiday spirit and want to give something back to our fans. Here's a recording we made at practice this week, getting ready for our New Year's Eve show with The Communicators at Rhythm and…Read more