The Iscariots are a reggae collective based in Chattanooga, Tennessee and specializing in booty-shaking electro-rock pop reggae.

The band was founded in late 2014 when the members found a reggae vacuum had created itself in Chattanooga following the relocation of long-time local reggae act Milele Roots. Having all played in this group at one point, they formed The Iscariots as a sort of "super group", dedicated to keeping the pulse of reggae alive and well in-between their regular gigs with other acts. 

They recently released their sophomore album "Backwards Country" to glowing reviews.  It is currently only available in hardcopy form, but will be released online very soon. 

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A local band branches out from the roots of reggae - An interview with The Iscariots

Check out this interview we did with Madison Baldwin at Nooga.com. It's full of some very colorful commentary on the nature of the universe. 

"They’re loud and proud and a little rough around the edges, but most of all they are insanely talented. The Iscariots are musicians attempting to localize and individualize reggae, and they’re beginning to succeed."

Thanks, Madison!


"There's nothing low-key about The Iscariots or the music they make; they are a perpetual party looking for a place to happen. If this were the 70's, they would be starring in a succession of made-for-TV movies in which the band travels the world battling injustice with infectiously rump-shaking party anthems. Also, superpowers (probably)." -Marc T. Michael, The Pulse, July 31, 2014

Read the whole article here:
The Iscariots - The Pulse


"Act of Treason" to be released July 11, 2014 at a special show at JJ's Bohemia in Chattanooga, TN.
Come get your advance copies before everyone else!!
12 original tracks of face-melting reggae for the new age!!


We know the album is taking forever to get completed and you all have been super patient, so as a thank you, we've opened a new page on our site called "Bootlegs" where we will occasionally post cool non-canon limited-time audio tracks for free download. This could be a fan-recording of a show, a rare studio out-take, or even an alternate version of a song. To celebrate this new feature, we have posted 9 songs from our set from the "Chattanooga Unplugged" series. You can listen to them under the "Bootlegs" tab, and if you love them and want to listen to them anywhere, they are free to download. Enjoy!!

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Previous events


The Iscariots @ Riverbend

Stay Tuned!

The Iscariots and Roots of a Rebellion @ JJ's Bohemia

JJ's Bohemia, 231 E MLK Blvd, Chattanooga, TN

We're dropping a giant reggae bomb on JJ's Bohemia with Roots of a Rebellion, an awesome band out of Nashville... Come out for us, stay for them! Reggae down Thursday night!

Age limit: 21+

That 90's New Year's Eve Party w/The Communicators, The Iscariots and Toneharm

Rhythm and Brews, 221 Market St, Chattanooga, TN

We're playing New Years Eve at Rhythm and Brews with The Communicators and Toneharm! This is where the party's gonna be at! Get your tickets early as this always sells out.

$25.00 Age limit: 21+

423PK presents: The Iscariots vs. Hatestomp

JJ's Bohemia, 231 E MLK Blvd, Chattanooga, TN

Come help us defeat these idiot rednecks!

Did the mid term elections go as planned for you? Did you get the results you wanted? Well, this show is your chance to voice your support and show the other side "what's what". If you consider yourself a liberal beacon of hope be sure to come support "The The Iscariots as they battle for the belt at JJ's Bohemia. If you consider yourself a good ole boy who loves rebel metal and all things rowdy, come out and support the boys in Hatestomp while they take on these "reggae lovin pussies" as front man Randy Hate calls them. Either way, come join the fun and battle for the belt November 29th at JJ's!!

The Battle will be mediated by local comic and musical guru Ian Sharp . Ian will be accompanied by a team of local comedians acting as a panel of judges.

Your judges for the evening are

Ryan Darling D.j. Lewis Daryl Davidson

$7.00 Age limit: 21+

The Iscariots @ JJ's Bohemia (STS9 Afterparty!)

JJ's Bohemia, 231 E MLK Blvd, Chattanooga, TN

After you get down to STS9 at Track 29, take a short hop, skip and jump over to JJ's Bohemia and get your groove on with us. We plan on calling into work on Thursday with a wicked case of cocktail flu. You should, too! Get Halloween started early.


The Iscariots @ Chevelles 66 (CD RELEASE PARTY)

Chevelles 66, 66 Hiwassee St, Murphy, NC

We're bringing the party to Murphy! Come celebrate the release of our full-length debut record "Act of Treason". We'll be running a special price, so get your copy while the getting is good.

Age limit: 18+



JJ's Bohemia, 231 E MLK Blvd, Chattanooga, TN

Come and celebrate the release of The Iscariot's first full length record, "Act of Treason" at JJ's Bohemia after we play Nightfall. A double dose of reggae!! Come get sweaty, come get weird, and take us home with you at the end of the night! We'll be running a special price for the record at this show, so come out and get your copy of "Act of Treason" while the getting's good!

Age limit: 21+

The Iscariots @ Roots Fest!!

Cherokee Farms, 2035 Old Mineral Springs Rd, LaFayette, Ga

The Iscariots are playing Roots Fest! Come out for three days of killer music and camping. We play Friday, along with such kick-ass bands as Machines Are People Too and Milele Roots. Get there early and spend a good weekend with friends! We play from 4:30 - 5:00!

Age limit: All ages

The Iscariots on the Road to Nightfall

Rhythm and Brews, 221 Market St, Chattanooga, TN

Round Four of the Road to Nightfall is happening at Rhythm & Brews! Each band will be given a 15 minute set. Each set can only include ONE cover song. The rest has to be all original. Attendees will vote on which band they feel deserves to move on to the final round, which takes place March 21st at Rhythm & Brews.

8:30 - New Planet: Road to Nightfall!!! 9:00 - Natural Habitz 9:30 - The Iscariots 10:00 - Smooth Dialects 10:30 - Kindred Pilots 11:00 - STEREO DIG 11:30 - Pack of Wolves

$7.00 Age limit: 18+